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With Clickteller, we have campaigns for both PC and Mobile, Blizzard games in Turkey and the Middle East markets. Our campaigns, both to reconnect with our existing audience and to reach new players, had very successful results. In technical terms, we were able to better interpret the data we have with the models we developed together in all digital channels, especially the Google and Facebook campaigns, and the campaign methodologies recommended to us. During the period we worked together, Clickteller has been our digital marketing partner with which we have achieved the most successful works in this region.
Deniz Kırca
Marketing Manager - Blizzard Games
Bonvagon has been successful in attracting relevant and quality traffic from Google Ads ads by working with an experienced company like Clickteller since the first day it was opened. With the determination of budgets and marketing plans as a result of analysis, we increased our traffic and conversions without increasing our costs at each new stage. After the optimizations and monthly evaluations, we provided a serious traffic flow to our site within 3 months.
Deniz Ertaner
CEO - Bonvagon
Clickteller has been helping us for many years to meaningfully communicate our games to large and right audiences. With their expertly designed campaign setups, they manage to increase our digital marketing efficiency in every campaign.
Görkem Alparslan
Director of Marketing - Riot Games
The number of users filling out forms on our site increased by 25% on the same day. With their Google Analytics measurements, many statistical information has shown us very clearly what works and does not work correctly on our site. We discovered the potentials of our site and started working to evaluate our potential. We are very excited to work together on Clickteller's expertise, as it is a work that has paid off in the first week, and I think we will discover the full potential of our site with the help of Clickteller's service. Also, thank you very much for your thoughts and easy accessibility to continuously improve with us.
Emek Kırbıyık
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