About Us

Over 10 Years of Experience

Clickteller is an Istanbul-based digital marketing agency that has been serving both local and global companies for over 10 years. Our services include Paid Marketing, SEO, Mobile Marketing, Web and App Analytics, Marketing Automations and Conversion Rate Optimization (Landing Page Optimization).

Unique Strategies

We are focused on meeting the unique requirements of each client, whether a startup or a growing business, from small to large companies.

At Clickteller, we create and develop our clients’ own unique digital marketing strategies. We manage processes in such a way that we often work with clients they can trust, who need advice and support, deliver measurable results and get reasonable responses when they need it.

Accessibility and Care

Our team is a group of highly skilled professionals from diverse digital marketing backgrounds with substantial experience and broad marketing knowledge. Our clients’ marketing strategy, campaign structures and marketing discipline are designed by experts and analyzed by experts in statistics.

The clients we work with have a more personal experience with us and they have opportunities to communicate directly with the owners of the agency. You meet everyone who will work on your account. You will be able to communicate your business goals and objectives directly to the people who will manage your account.

Our initiatives

With our global initiatives, we transform our expertise and experience into startups around the world.