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Ernst & Young


At ClickTeller, we take immense pride in sharing the remarkable journey of our partnership with EY, a prominent player in the world market. Our collaboration with EY began in early 2020, and it has been a transformative experience for both parties involved. This case study sheds light on the exceptional digital marketing services we provided to EY, which led to a significant enhancement of their online presence.

The Challenge:

When EY first approached ClickTeller, their organic website traffic stood at around 20,000 monthly visitors. While this is a significant figure, we realized that there is untapped potential for EY services in the Turkish market. We also realized that competitors were leveraging high-traffic keywords related to salary calculation tools, with search volumes reaching up to 1 million searches in Turkey. It became clear that EY needed a strategic boost to remain competitive.

Our Strategy:

At ClickTeller, we embarked on this challenge with a comprehensive and results-oriented SEO strategy. Our approach began with in-depth keyword research and optimization to identify the most valuable and relevant keywords for EY’s business. We then implemented meticulous on-page optimization, ensuring that EY’s website not only met SEO requirements but also provided an enhanced user experience. Our optimization techniques significantly improved the website’s page speed, making it both SEO-friendly and user-friendly.

The Breakthrough:

Recognizing the immense potential of salary calculation tools as a source of organic traffic, ClickTeller took a bold step. We worked closely with EY’s in-house development team to create an innovative salary calculation tool that seamlessly integrated into EY’s website. Within the first month of launching the tool, EY experienced a remarkable 15% increase in organic traffic.

The Results:

The positive momentum initiated by ClickTeller continued to grow and flourish. EY’s organic traffic soared from 20,000 to an impressive 480,000 monthly visitors, a testament to our strategic vision and execution. Remarkably, the number of keywords EY now ranks for increased from 10,000 to a staggering 40,000, solidifying their dominance in the Turkish market. This transformation has not only elevated EY’s online presence but also positioned them as undisputed leaders in their industry.


At ClickTeller, our partnership with EY stands as a shining example of what strategic digital marketing can achieve. Our unwavering dedication, industry expertise, and innovative approach have not only boosted organic traffic but have also unlocked new avenues for EY’s business growth. The development of the salary calculation tool was a game-changing move that continues to yield substantial dividends.

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